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World Poverty Statistics (Source: http://www.statisticbrain.com/world-poverty-statistics/)

Total Percentage of World Population that lives on less than $2.50 a day, 50%.  I’m sure $2.50 could mean an affordable living for a few places. Even if you consider $2.50 as poor, it means we only have 1/2 of the world population who live in poverty. So, it is obvious that the other 50% do have a means of livelihood; may be a little more than that.

So, if each of these  50% middle class/rich families takes care of 1 poor family and provide them with basic tools for livelihood, that’s all its takes to eradicate poverty. At least, most of it!

In that case, what are we waiting for?!

If a kid can’t afford education, teach how to learn.

If an adult can’t find employment, teach skills.

If someone is hopeless, motivate.

If anyone looks unhappy, offer a smile.

It could be hundred different things which we see on a daily basis but too caught up in our lives to observe / offer help.

Let’s take a small step today.

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12/12/12 done…….. 

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3 years post MBA graduation!

Dec 11th, 2009: Attended Thunderbird Graduation Ceremony in Phoenix, AZ

Dec 11th, 2012: Working as an IT Consultant, currently in a break in between projects, figuring out what to do with life.

And, learned quite a bit about life.

Became more open.

Still struggling with temperament 🙂

Most importantly, got a calmness about things in life.

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I found Me!

It took me a journey from one corner to another corner of the world.
It involved doing things madly, truly, passionately, spitefully.
It meant gaining new experiences / insights / traveling / new cultures / people / things.
It meant hard days, crying nights, meaningless things.
It was burdensome with worry, ego, hatred, restlessness and indecision.
It was to find supernatural power that created me.
It was a transformation from being in my cocoon to opening senses to the world.
It was losing everything I thought I had and starting all over again!!!
In this slow, painful and heartbreaking process………
I found me.
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Little Transformations…

I read a lot. Then, a few years later I realized that I was only reading but not doing:) So, woke up and stopped reading pretty much anything but for a combination of spiritual / scientific books or spiritual-scientific (yes, scientists writing about Universe/God, etc.)books! 2012 brought a tremendous change in me but only after those “painful 3 am getting up in the mornings thinking why do I even exist”…………..
Since childhood, probably from the age of five, my only quest is to know myself, where I came from and where I will go when I die, what this universe is and how it works, why things are like they are and what I’m supposed to do in this funny place called earth. But, I was naive and owing to typical South Indian tradition, I was trying to be a nice girl. Only thing which I did different was – I studied hard. Looks like I’m the first female engineer from my small town and inspired many others to become engineers. Worked with non-profits from late teens, initially as a fundraiser and then as a tutor. Ran a 30-student non-profit school in the slums of Hyderabad along with a friend. Came to US and did MBA and my dreams crashed:) Because it was 2008-09. I had to fight a lot as a woman of color with VISA issues.
I’m still in the process of getting settled in life. But, what is settlement? I’m definitely better than what I imagined what I would be when I grow up. And I’ve surely emerged strong, to the extent of not caring much about what others’ think. But, there were many times in the past I wanted to disappear or die. Or felt worthless. Or wanted someone in the world to acknowledge me, validate me. Today, it feels good. I let go of the neediness. The fact that I’m “living” is good enough to celebrate. There are billions of neurons and trillions of cells which make me, I don’t even know how they process so much stuff. But, what I know is we are these amazing creatures who just waste life in drama and being sad:)
So, I got out of it. Step by step. Not 100%. The process is hard. I try harder though.
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What am I supposed to write?

To do?!

Life is absolute dull and don’t know what to do!

Nothing quenches this thirst, nothing subsides this pain.

What for is this all? What for?

What am I in this universe? What am I supposed to do?

Caught in a vicious cycle of dream VS. reality!

Living Life VS. letting things happen!

What am I supposed to do?

Where am I supposed to head?

Why do things happen?

Am I letting them to happen?

Am I the victim or offender?

Enough of this crap!

Start a new journey.

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Thanks to Life,

For all that I learn through its many facets.

Thanks to people who believed in me,

For the faith that carried me forward.

Thanks to the ones who criticized,

For I would not have gone that far to prove myself otherwise.

Thanks to admirers, no-sayers, and skeptics,

For I got to learn so much through you.

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Yearn to write!

All that I feel,

All that I think,

All that I experience,

All that I am!



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(Written in 1st week of Apr 2011):

Bye bye Oregon!

I hated u in Dec, was depressed in Jan,  made peace with you in Feb and started enjoying being with you since Mar. And the day light savings  time entertained me with more sun and fun:)

And now, I have to go, especially when you will be so much more fun in Spring and Summer.! I will for sure cherish some of the memories that you gave me. Be it the wonderful water falls  or the scenic mountains, I relished them.

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Here we go!

People, things, ideas, work, rage, fear, love, bliss —–

Time to let go of all these.


Yes, I’m in the verge of dealing with emotions/stuff of any kind. Just need to fix my eyes on what needs to be done.

And that pretty much is it.

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