Letter from the Editor – Das Tor (Thunderbird)!

19th Oct, 2009:

Time flies by. This is all the more true at Thunderbird. I feel that I came here only a few days before but it is already more than a year and I am set to graduate this Fall. I found a new home in a new country and before I relish all the moments here, practicalities in life force me to leave this home for new experiences of life.

Just like everybody, I came to Thunderbird with lot of aspirations and to make a difference to the world.  Life at Thunderbird is a roller coaster. What did I gain in this 1 year? A year of MBA experience, meeting friends from all over the world, so called business and life skills, an internship with Stanford University, and confidence to tackle the world. Was it easy? No! These are the outcomes. How about the process? Those toiling days and nights, despair, and confusion mixed with hope, confidence, and a will to succeed! Isn’t the process more worthy than the result? The world sees our results but aren’t we more concerned about process? How beautiful it is – every act of doing little things that cumulatively result into something meaningful.

I aspired to do MBA to master professional skills. On the contrary, I realized that self-skills are more important. A positive attitude, self-awareness, empathy and adaptability are the key to success and prosperity of an individual. I am amazed at how meticulously curriculum, faculty and students at Thunderbird fit in learning all of these skills.

As I sit back and write this, I am humbled by the entire learning experience, mesmerized by the people and awed by the positive vibrant energy. How lucky one should be to be here at this moment doing all these things. Economy can be bad, everything can go wrong but the sheer learning that one gets is enough to face and make a way through any obstacle in the world.

I also believe the culmination should be at least as good as the process, which means we all need to focus on getting a job that we dreamt of. Make use of the career resources – CMC, faculty, staff, speaker sessions, fellow students and every person and opportunity that you see around!

Thunderbird gives enough opportunities to every student. As someone who has experienced Thunderbird to its fullest, my suggestion is to make use of all the resources that Thunderbird provides. Participate in all the events – speaker and club sessions, regional nights, TREKs, career fair, voluntary activities and all; maximize the learning by getting involved in every possible thing.

Be it learning a new language, meeting a fellow student from other country, probing a professor for more analysis, or hanging out at the pub – always be ready. You never know who is going to be a future entrepreneur, C-level executive, or your future colleague. The world is small and round. Be open to embrace everyone and everything!

Get ready for the mystical Thunderbird experience!


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A unique human being, just like any other.
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